Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Trip to the Fen - at last!

On Wednesday 20 May we finally made it out to the Great Fen to do some recording. The weather this time was fantastic - the storm cloud (which Mike C claimed was coming over from somewhere around Bedford) stayed away, and we had beautiful sunshine all evening.

We set off in three groups to record sounds, some of us recording general atmospheric sounds with a stereo mic, and others using a directional mic to pick up individual birds. Highlights included a reed warbler and a flock of geese passing overhead - and Julian pretending to be an owl... Our group had slight navigational problems (where on earth was that hide?!) but still managed to catch lots of birdsong, wind through the reeds - and Julian pretending to be a cuckoo.

We've now got plenty of material for our Soundscape - really looking forward to hearing how it all comes together! Should be able to get some pictures up here soon as well.

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